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Every child Achieves

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The Bridgwater College Trust came into existence in 2012 with the creation of Somerset’s first all-through school, The Bridgwater College Academy.  Our Trust focusses on the power of local collaborative partnerships and includes Hamp Academy in Bridgwater, Brymore Academy in Cannington,  Otterhampton Primary School in Combwich and West Somerset College in Minehead. 

With nearly 3000 students from 2-to-19 years old we have developed a track record and expertise in school improvement that is successful across all stages of education with all of our Academies being rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted.  As a successful and growing Multi Academy Trust we understand the power of local partnerships between schools within our Trust and across the wider geographical areas of Bridgwater and West Somerset.  As such we recognise our responsibility to all children, and we will work successfully to improve outcomes for young people not just in our own Academies but in all schools locally.

All colleagues within the Bridgwater College Trust understand our core purpose and appreciate that children come first.


The vision that we have for our Trust is one in which ‘Every Child Achieves’ and as such we work tirelessly to ensure that we know each child, that they are well taught and have access to great facilities and opportunities to develop academically and personally. We are in the relentless pursuit of excellence within a culture of no barriers and no excuses to achievement. Every child in our care will be supported and challenged to be highly successful and will be incredibly well prepared for the next stage in their life long journey of learning.


To inspire the young people of our community to achieve success and the best possible outcomes by providing education based upon outstanding teaching and learning, highly supportive environments and the celebration of diversity.

  • Strategic Aims 2015 — 2018
  • To focus on continual school improvement through partnership and collaboration at every level, and the sharing of practice and services
  • To ensure governance of the Trust provides the support and challenge that enables Academies to be autonomous, diverse and highly successful
  • To ensure the long term financial health of the Trust

Where We Live

Details of what the area is like in Bridgwater and West Somerset

Bridgwater is a historic market town in Somerset on the M5 between Bristol and Exeter in the Southwest, with a population of about 37,000.  It is on the edge of the Somerset Levels with the Mendip Hills to the north and the Quantock Hills to the west.  It has been a major port and trading centre, and maintains a large industrial base.  Today it has become a major distribution centre (NHS, Argos, agricultural businesses) with its links to the motorway.  The major development today is the approval of the Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor.  This means there are major projects underway for houses, hotels and roads between Bridgwater and Hinkley Point.

However it also contains some of the most impoverished communities on its estates, and the general level of deprivation amongst parts of the population is high.  Both Bridgwater College and Hamp Academies are contributing to combating the educational issues that arise because of these issues.

Brymore Academy is situated in Cannington, a large village, approximately 3 miles west of Bridgwater and considered the "gateway" to the Quantock Hills. Brymore Academy is a State boarding school for boys and students benefit from a 110 acre farm and extensive horticultural facilities giving a completely a different aspect to the Bridgwater schools.

Otterhampton Primary School is located in the village of Combwich. In the past it served as a port for the export of local produce and the import of timber. However in more recent times there has been a long association with Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station with many retired and current employees living in the village. The school has suffered a drop in pupil numbers over the last few years.

West Somerset College is on the outskirts of Minehead, a seaside town known to many for its “Butlins holiday camp” much upgraded from the Fifties.  It is now a predominantly retirement town for its resident population, and consequently suffers from a lack of young people who stay for education and work. 

Urban and rural

The Trust therefore is involved in different kinds of communities, from a challenging urban environment in Bridgwater, to a rural farm school in Cannington, a very small primary school in Combwich and a retirement and holiday town at the seaside.  It is important in every case to be involved within the community to address the particular needs and challenges each requires.

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