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The Bridgwater & Taunton College Trust is a Multi Academy Trust sent up by the Secretary of State for Education as a company (no. 08098956) and a charity.

It is therefore subject both to company and charity law.  It has a Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association which govern how the Trust runs.  The three Members of the Company are historically the Chair of Governors, Principal/CEO and Vice Principal of the sponsor, Bridgwater and Taunton College Trust.  The Trust is run by the Board of Directors of the company who are also trustees of the charity.  We call our Board Directors Trustees.  Our Articles provide that the Members can appoint up to 20 Independent Trustees; the Trust Leader of the Trust is also a Trustee.  Additionally we are required to have two Parent Governor Trustees.

We are also required to have an Accounting Officer/Executive Leader under the Academies Financial Handbook. These positions are occupied by our Trust Leader, Peter Elliott.  Our Chief Financial Officer is Nicola Mould, again a post required under the Academies Financial Handbook.

As at September 2020 our Trustees are:

  • Andy Berry, Chair (also Principal/CEO of Bridgwater and Taunton College)
  • Denys Rayner (independent Trustee)
  • Bob Brown (Independent Trustee)
  • Jane Gillespie (Independent Trustee)
  • Marie Goddard (Independent Trustee)
  • Richard Hawkins (Independent Trustee)
  • Carole Chevalley (Independent Trustee)
  • Sid Gibson (Independent Trustee)
  • Peter Elliott (CEO/Accounting Officer/Executive Leader)

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